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When we partnered with Dr. Squatch to prepare them for their omni-channel expansion, the brand had built up a cult-like following and astronomical rise in sales in a short period of time.

As they turned their eye to retail, we needed to get them retail ready which meant updating the branding elements and packaging design. Our opportunity was to give the same amount of love to the brand design as consumers had for the soaps. 

A strong relationship with consumers is one thing that makes Dr. Squatch so unique as a brand - they refined a fun and engaging approach using social media and meme culture to attract men in a way that no soap co had ever before.

In retail though, we knew they wouldn't have those touch points to support the brand. They needed to exude that humor, their defining brand attributes and personality, while quickly driving home the product value proposition through a redesign.

The brand already had a really solid foundation and we knew there were ways to improve it that would maintain that special, humorous core brand ethos they achieved. We needed to clean up the core elements without losing the soul and charm of the core character of the Squatch as a chill playboy.

First, we cleaned up core marks to make sure it could scale. We added some personality to the products themselves by adding some of the brand’s quippy messaging on-pack – places you wouldn't expect to have a little fun points of interaction. With this, we tied the retail experience to that of the DTC consumer, really making the retail customer experience feel similar to the DTC customer.

Dr. Squatch products are not your traditional soap bar and we wanted that uniqueness to shine more.

We started with a new core word mark, updating the san serif to create our “Squatch script” - a mark that felt like a Dr.’s signature for that personal, friendly touch. We also had fun with the larger brand identity, adding some fun easter eggs into the core marks, like making the S of the Squatch reminiscent of his pipe. 

Throughout the branding, we brought new typography kits to better express the “outdoorsy” nature of the brand and give it a “masculine + charactureful” element. Iconography was added to help communicate clearly and quickly with the consumer. 

In addition to rebranding the evergreen products, we executed a series of special collaborations including Star Wars & Batman & Area 51. Each time it was about using the packaging as a canvas to express whacky products.

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