Putting the "hot" back in nestlé hotpockets.


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Hot Pockets is on a first name basis with America. While its social media and marketing efforts really spoke to and engaged its core audience, 13-year-old gamers, we needed to realign the brand with its core demographic without alienating the head of household. 

It's not everyday you get the opportunity to work on a brand everyone knows. This meant it was all the more important to get it right. We needed to dig into the authenticity of the brand and find a new expression for it. We needed to connect with the audience in a more authentic way while amplifying appetite appeal.

People don’t read, they recognize. With that in mind, we created a flexible visual identity that works well in digital environments, inspired by cartoons and gaming.

Hot Pockets is a part of cultural zeitgeist and we needed to represent that in the branding. Taking inspiration from sticker culture, we did a complete brand refresh and packaging redesign. 

With our brand refresh, Hot Pockets' tone of voice also changed to something more energized and playful. We played with language to appeal to both the head of household and the end user.

After the redesign, Nestlé used elements like the custom typefaces and updated color system across marketing campaigns on social media and commercials.

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