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Despite being a Family-owned business, Deep Indian Kitchen was the largest manufacturer of Indian cuisine in the United States when they came to Interact to refresh the brand. Formerly called Tandoor Kitchen, the brand did not reflect the quality and depth of flavor that the brand's products had to offer.

The Deeps, the family behind the business, wanted to democratize Indian food and bring it to the American dinner table through the freezer aisle. The brand looked to Interact to help build a brand identity and packaging design that they could be proud of, one that reflected a rich cultural history and exemplified the quality of the products.

Deep translates to lantern of light. Inspired by this meaning, we developed a core brand icon reminiscent of a traditional oil lantern.

In our product packaging design approach, we looked to ancient moorish architecture to influence our design and information hierarchy. We used shapes that resembled archways to inform the product lockups on-pack.

For our color palette we looked to the vibrant hues of the Holi festival. The boldness and life of that festival provided inspiration for our food presentation and we created filigree elements as flavor and product name indicators.

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