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Interact doesn’t just design brands, we create them. Cleanli is a hand sanitizing product built from the ground up.

Covid-19 hit and hand sanitizer quickly became a part of everyone's daily lives. Our team set out challenge the category and deliver a better option to consumers by taking something mundane and necessary and creating an elevated version of it that people could actually enjoy. We wanted to deliver a positive, uplifting experience around the product and use case.

Based on an insight around traditional hand sanitizers being harsh and drying to your skin, not to mention smelling terribly, Cleanli is a skin enhancing sanitation spray that uses all natural fragrances to make your hands not only feel great, but smell great too.

In our strategic approach to building the brand, we knew aesthetics would be important and that we wanted to focus on the additive, rather than subtractive, elements this product had to offer. Essential oils and moisturizing elements can uplift while sanitizing their hands and keeping them safe.

Our team came up with the name Cleanli which speaks to the brand's ethos and an ideal environment; clean, fresh, rejuvenating, fun and friendly. Our holographic, organic secondary shapes created a design system that emulated the ephemeral nature of the product within the bottle. We used this element across brand world communications to bring to life a visual world that felt uplifting and transformative.

In developing the brand tone of voice and messaging, we took inspiration from the wellness community adopting and riffing off language used in yoga and meditation. Tag lines inspired confidence in the product's soothing, calming qualities and encouraged consumers to welcome it as an addition to their daily skincare routines. After all, we spend time on our beauty routines, but often ignore our hands, vital tools in our lives. With Cleanli, we aimed to change that.

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