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Sly is the first company to make natural energizers and relaxers that balance our circadian rhythms. They knew their product was perfect for the ever growing gamer community, but we knew there was potential for it to be so much more, to be a brand for anyone with an instinct for play. They believe that if we can bring the best out of players, we can bring the best out of humanity.

Our core insight was that play is what sustains us, so we need to make our play sustainable. Sleep disruptions, fatigue, obesity, anxiety and harsh caffeine riddled products all seem to be at the center of the gamer community. So we set out to tackle those issues head on. To make sure that there was a balanced approach to focus and recovery that wouldn't take its toll on your health. We centered the brand around an Explorer archetype. Challenging players to explore the new digital wilderness that games are creating and expanding on every day.

Sly is a product unlike any other, and we know we had to make it look that way. So how do you avoid the stale tropes of other gamer focused beverages? We took inspiration from the cutting edge independent gaming community, referencing the amazing artwork of those fringe games and created our own brand hero, the Sly Fox. The Fox encompasses the cleverness, playfulness and dexterity that is needed to excel in the gaming world. Our wordmark took on subtle elements of The Fox to connect the core brand elements together. Flavor colors were bright and flavor forward. All together the design helped the brand cut through the noisy competitive shelf set to set Sly up to help gamers truly level up.

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