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Meet Diana’s. A deliciously dipped and dripped frozen banana that invites you to share in extraordinary wholesomeness. When the snack became popular across Illinois street fairs, the Diana’s team knew their creation had mass a-peel. While striving to make the world’s best chocolate-dipped frozen banana, they quickly grew and their packaging became disconnected. We were tasked with redesigning the packaging for better brand recognition and equity, bringing all the packs into alignment, and setting the brand up for success as it expands its innovation offering.

Diana’s believes that embracing imperfections and differences makes our world better. Their bananas are rescued from getting tossed aside for being oddballs, misfits, or just funny-looking. Always wholesome. Sometimes different. Never boring. Our core idea when creating the new Diana’s brand was to make it genuinely joyful.

New peel. Same bananas. We recrafted their logo to look ap-peel-ing by creating banana-like curves and rounded corners to represent the brand in its friendly and timeless nature. Diana’s brand font suite is meant to be bold, yet approachable. We added a burst icon as a holding shape to make our claims pop and more fun. Inspired by a banana sticker, we want these to feel somewhat stuck on and less organized. Our packs always show our bananas with a bite out of them and pieces of the respective flavor ingredients gently surrounding. The bite alludes to the imperfect bananas that they use to make the product.

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