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Interact partnered with Harper + Scott, a cutting edge creative agency focusing on producing private label goods, to bring to life an idea for a powerful lifestyle brand in a new category of Modern Performance drinks. This meant taking a holistic approach to brand creation. One that would focus on an untapped consumer group in the category, Gen Z.

We needed to create a brand that would connect to Gen Z in meaningful and unique ways. So we set out to balance the conceptual nature of mind health with the performance needs of body hydration. We saw that our consumers needed to be all of themselves, all the time to be able to reach their full potential, on and off the field. To achieve this ambition we knew we would need to develop a system that took risks, was a little daring, creatively inventive and always inspirational.

Inventing a totally new and unique brand in an oversaturated category we knew we were going to have to approach the brand from a visually conceptual direction that performed functionally when shopped at shelf. This came together with strong pushes for creative brand names ending in Local Weather, an idea based on the fact that these drinks would give you what you need, when and where you need it. Just like your local weather forecast. To reinforce this core idea we developed a clean and modern logo that referenced hydration and rain, an on pack illustration style that was offbeat and could feature every activity from football to creative writing and a color system that would help us stand out on shelf and represent our optimistic nature.

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