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Tailored cannabis for those who tailor their lives.



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Boxer Six was developed to be a new kind of premium cannabis gummy. Each gummy is crafted with lower, more controllable doses, uniquely blended flavors unlike other cannabis gummies out there, and leverages a proprietary absorption method allowing consumers to experience one of the quickest and controlled experiences on the market.

We knew that for Boxer Six, success would be in the details. The brand would need precision and style, function and form. There would need to be intention behind every aesthetic decision. And we would need to create a brand as curated as the consumers we were trying to attract. With all of this in mind, we set out to create a brand that was the only tailored solution for those who tailor their lives.

Beginning with name concepting, we landed on Boxer Six, a nod to the custom engine of the iconic Porsche 911, the perfect analog of precision performance. From there we helped their team develop a custom package that was inspired by the proprietary diamond cut of the gummies. Due to the need for complicated packaging that must comply with state regulations, the cannabis industry has a sustainability problem. We created a sustainable package that embodies the premium qualities our distinguished consumer desires while also being a better alternative to the status quo. With the utilization of an all aluminum tin, our custom designed packaging is an infinitely recyclable single material, while cutting zero corners when it comes to safety and regulatory requirements. We crafted a wordmark and monogram that could stand the test of time through beautiful customization and attention to detail. We named all of the products after classic cocktails that featured our one of a kind flavor profiles, and developed an art deco inspired illustration style to help accentuate the taste profiles of each gummy. When put all together the Boxer Six brand encompasses all of the strategic and aesthetic brand values. We created an impossible to ignore brand that is as stylish as it is effective.

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