Recess Zero-Proof

Crafting the new generation of non-alc cocktails




Recess was started to create a new category of beverage alternatives with its CBD and mood altering drinks. They quickly became a cultural and social phenomenon. With their success in the functional beverage space, they decided to move into non-alcoholic cocktails, creating a product that tasted as good as the traditional versions without the aftereffects of alcohol. The only problem, no packaging and only 3 months to get to production. Interact came in working hyper-collaboratively with the Recess team to work through and develop breakthrough packaging that stayed consistent with the core brand while competing in the new category.

Appealing alcohol alternatives are few and far between. We led our strategy with the insight that our consumer wants to be their best at the party and not let the party get the best of them. Recess Zero Proof is for the moments you actually want to remember.

The Recess team wanted the packaging to feel adjacent to their soda and Mood line, but they also needed to appeal to the mass market for the sake of grocery stores. They wanted to make craft mocktails accessible to everyone. We updated their current logo to add Zero Proof in a new font that stands out against Recess. This made it clear to consumers that this was an option to those who want to moderate their drinking. We used the Recess color palette to speak to the crafted flavors of each mocktail. Each flavor also got a complementary illustration reminiscent of the key ingredient used. 

Crack open a cool one with Recess Zero Proof.

Photography Credit: Heidi’s Bridge

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