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Nestlé came to us with a challenge; develop a new-world snack in the refrigerated products category to compete with products like Perfect Bar. We needed a brand that was approachable enough for the mainstream consumer, but still felt like it was special enough to support that afternoon slump.

With Rallies, we wanted to create a brand that felt like both a healthy treat and something delectably consumable. Rallies is a pop-able bite rather than a large format bar, which gave us room to play.

When developing the core branding, we needed something bold & clean that would stand out on shelf and act as a banner for the brand. We wanted the logo to have just enough character to feel fun, approachable and ultimately something irresistibly edible.

The color palette is bright and perks you up, signifying the product benefits. Rallies help lift people up during their 3pm slowdown. It's playful yet mature, vibrant yet reserved, energizing but not overpowering. 

A play on the product and language that had both visual and narrative communications aspects to it, BOOM became a central messaging point for the brand. 

With our tone of voice we infused dual purpose; first, to inform consumers about this product and also engage in conversation about curing that afternoon slump.

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