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Interest in cold plunging has increased by 655% over the past year, emerging as a leader in the wellness space. As the market has gotten hotter, there’s been a lack of at home options that can range from DIY to ultra-premium. Enter, Cold Plunge. With a rapidly growing business, they came to us to reposition them to “Plunge” and help level up their look & feel, allowing them to continue to evolve and introduce new forms of wellness (hello, sauna!) to the market.

With a mission to introduce resilience as a lifestyle, Plunge is helping people unlock the best version of themselves through cold plunges and their newly launched sauna, with no plans of stopping there. With this vision in mind & the innovation to come, the core creative idea bridging our new positioning with our new look and feel was "Positively Transformed.”

We sought out to create a bold & clean design system. A nod to tech-forward products, while ensuring approachability and accessibility given the intense community the brand has amassed. Using a bright and vibrant gradient, we were able to represent temperature variations and the ultimate transformational effects of the Plunge experience, which include immunity, better mood, better sleep, and a boost in energy to name a few.

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