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Koia came to us with the goal of bringing plant-powered protein shakes to consumers in an emotionally connected way. They had stumbled on a collection of incredibly tasty plant-based shake recipes that were high in protein, low in sugar and truly tasted great. Their branding, however, did not exude the tastiness of what was inside their packaging.

When the founding team came to us in 2016, the brand (formerly called rawNature5) was at the forefront of plant-based nutrition but they needed a brand name, visual identity and packaging design system that prepared them for mainstream adoption. We wanted to build them a brand that would position them as the category leader from day 1 so we started from scratch and went back to the brand's roots.

We landed on the idea of powering people through plants. Power is physical and emotional; internal and external. Our logo mark combines the design of a finger print with that of a sprouting seedling, driving home the idea that we are interconnected. We used lowercase fonts in a friendly, approachable typeface to exude the approachability of the brand and designed a partially transparent vessel so that consumers can see what's inside the bottle. Bright, vibrant colors added life on-pack and helped shopability to give a sense that with Koia, you can eat the rainbow.

Our illustrative style expanded beyond the logo mark, pulling from the same broken-looking line treatment reminiscent of finger prints or roots growing underground. We also established a more friendly tone of voice that could be evolved and expanded over time with new product launches, including a Keto line developed by the studio and other sub-segments the brand eventually launched into even after our work with them finished.

Following the rebrand’s launch sales grew 1000% in year one and the brand continues to see momentum.

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