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IF/THEN came to the Interact team with simply an idea. An idea to create a shoe brand that is intentionally designed to be flexed while walking in the city and while pitching in a boardroom. The team at IF/THEN was looking to be pushed creatively and work in tandem with one another to develop something bold with the ability to transcend trends and maintain its relevance over time. The goal was to craft a fluid shoe brand to bridge the gap between flair and function.

In an era dominated by digital distractions, with platforms like TikTok amplifying the noise, attention has become a commodity. Against this backdrop, simplicity is modern-day luxury. So, in a world of clutter, we aimed to target the “Refined Explorer,” defined by their sharp and curious mindset and a desire for simplicity to live in the ‘now.’ They exude quiet confidence.

Why the asterisk?

The asterisk represents the authentic, raw, and candid moments of life. It's that moment of pause; of writing an idea on the back of a napkin. It's that additional context that might not always be present on the surface — from the subtle details that go into crafting the footwear to stories that dig deeper than a headline. It’s a symbol that shows that IF/THEN are more than they seem and that they strive to read further, explore deeper, and breakthrough harder.

IF/THEN stands for the courage, comfort and confidence you need to pursue the unknown. Our logo is handcrafted inspired by something we might write out on a napkin, in a moment of clarity either with friends or in our journal, planning our next business moves. Our asterisk is that moment of pause, of additional context, a representation of those moments that might not always be present on the surface. Our asterisk represents those unseen thoughts and actions. Ultimately, footwear is going places; Interact Brands and IF/THEN are leading that charge.

Photography Credit: Hagop Kalaidjian

Videographer Credit: Matt Lucier

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