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As a CPG-focused branding agency whose packaging work often ends up in the landfill, we wrestle with the waste we inherently help create. So we took a hard look in the mirror and examined the reality of our impact on waste and what we can do to be more sustainable. We rolled up our sleeves and got into the nitty gritty, led by Val Hawks, Interact's Director of Sustainability, to create an eye-catching book of sustainability talking points. What would we call our book? We put the best minds to work on the puzzle (our entire agency team). Our title, “Good Riddance,” is an ode to our trash-talking and the relief of finding a better way to get rid of things.

In writing a book about waste, we're cognizant we're making waste, albeit informative and eye-catching waste. We needed to find a way to achieve the highest standard of quality with the lowest impact to the environment. So, instead of creating many copies to ship out to clients, we photographed the book to create a digital version that is elevated with engaging graphics, intriguing design, and valuable content to enhance the reader's experience.

We wanted the book’s design to be impactful and artful—something people want to read. From the outset, we aimed to make the book feel like a coffee table book. From striking photography and clear communication to our bold display typography referencing plastic, we sought to push against the tired tropes of earthy green and brown that continue to visually define sustainability in design. Inspired by the waste we create, we wanted to make our cover look like a trash bag. But, instead of creating more waste to make our book cover look like a trash bag, we printed it on a trash bag. We used garbage bags we had and minimal ink with screen printing. And we had the cover of our dreams! Through the utilization of local vendors, we were able to produce the book close to home as an added activation of sustainability.

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