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Elder Flower is a new-to-world family of products, created and incubated by Interact. The brand is devoted to the practices and preservation of natural beauty and vitality. The collection of products are crafted to protect and nourish your skin from morning to night using the power of functional mushrooms. They can be used separately, but solicit the best results when collaborating together as a daily routine.

The goal of the brand development was to create a visual identity that showcased the unique attributes of the products while looking as beautiful as nature herself.

To convey the Elder Flower story, product benefits and unique ingredients we started from the ground up. Our consumers wanted products that felt luxurious and came from natural ingredients, creating an interesting tension for our design exploration. We developed a strategy that uncovered the insight that nature knows best and that we flourish when nature does.

Our brand blossomed from the seeds of our strategy. The logo needed to be as beautiful as the glowing results from using the products, while having elements that felt natural and flourishing. Our monogram effortlessly simplified our wordmark into a recognizable icon. The packaging was kept simple and functional using elegant typography, rich natural coloration and premium finishes. We brought our brand world to life with unexpected arrangements of beautiful poetic copy and ethereal photography combined in unexpected ways. These elements come together under the belief that the truest luxury comes from the beauty of nature.

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