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Country Archer was the fastest growing jerky brand in the natural category when they came to Interact with a unique challenge. Despite their success and significant growth velocity, the brand itself had little recall. Although their black bag was familiar to consumers, the Country Archer brand wanted to compete on a larger scale but didn't have a strong brand identity consumers could recognize.

That's where we stepped in.

Country Archer had a very special product, 100% grass-fed beef jerky. They make a premium, clean product with great ingredients consumers can feel good about eating. The company's mission-driven approach to meat raising and sourcing, and their efforts around carbon sequestration made us want to help them prepare the brand to the next phase of growth.

With these growth goals in mind, we refreshed the brand design, starting with their name's visual architecture. We chose a script for the brand new font to challenge the traditionally masculine-leaning category and helped them transition from an insensitive brand mascot to an icon system reminiscent of an archer. With the update of this core mark and the strategic development of core brand messaging, Country Archer was repositioned as a brand that "always aims for better". The A in archer resembles a bow and arrow aiming forward.

Capturing the rich flavors of the jerky was paramount in showcasing the difference of the product, and when grabbing consumers attention on shelf, it doesn’t hurt if they’re salivating too. While maintaining some black on their bag that was so familiar to consumers, we flooded the bottom half of the packaging with bold color indicative of their products bold flavors and replaced illustrative elements with photography to amplify appetite appeal.

Country Archer's upbeat, forward-thinking attitude was something we wanted to bring to life through the brand and packaging. The packaging design and brand world brought to life a tongue in cheek tone of voice that felt fun and edgy while still clearly defining the product as better for you.

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