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Interact had the unique opportunity to rebrand, rename and reposition the career development marketplace Abode, formerly Scholars. The company had proven early success with their online digital candidate retention platform, and wanted to take their learning and roll it into a rebrand that fully resonated with their early-career audience.

Interact’s consumer-focused design approach paired with Abode’s insights on the candidate experience clarified the task; Create a brand that stands out in a tired digital space, that creates a vibrant, engaging  online community for candidates, and builds a foundation of professionalism that companies can trust.

Our strategy was focused around a simple idea. To get candidates to interact in engaging and productive ways we would need to create a brand and experience that connected them with their companies at a human level. We wanted to ensure that communication between candidates and employers was smooth and easy to foster community, engagement and a sense of belonging. It needed to be a brand that was welcoming and inviting, easy to navigate and straightforward yet all-encompassing.

To make sure the community and growth aspects of the platform were visually communicated, we created an identity system based on outdoor camps and the scouts. Making sure that the growth rewards looked and felt like badges. That our logo felt bold, clean and adventurous. A brand mark that indicates the road forward and is a nod to outdoor camp tents. Our color palette was deep and rich, just like the connections we are instilling in our candidates. These elements came together to form a brand that was completely differentiated from its competition and truly represented the values of the company.

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