Creativity with Consequence

Creativity with Consequence

Consumers don’t care about design awards.

While recognition from industry peers certainly feels good, what we really care about is Design Effectiveness - the ability to use the power of design to drive businesses forward by creating greater consumer connection.

In CPG, where a brand's most tangible touchpoint is packaging, any redesign should increase velocities, sales, repeat purchases, shelf space, category share, distribution and/or brand affinity. Yet sadly, this often isn’t the case.

As a principles-led design agency, we have several different consumer principles that have given us consistent and recurrent results. Over the last four years alone, we’ve proudly won five design effectiveness awards from Designalytics - an independent design research organization that uses syndicated data to validate real-world results with consumer testing insights.

HotPockets - This billion dollar Nestlé brand was in need of a renovation to better speak to its shifting target consumer - teenage gamers - without alienating the head of household making the purchase. The outcome of a brand identity overall and packaging redesign - piping hot 39% YoY Growth.

Hot Pockets | Before & After

Boulder Canyon - Previously in a several years sales decline, our redesign helped turn around the business with 55% YoY Growth and created a category leader in the owners UTZ natural snack portfolio.

Boulder Canyon | Before & After

FatSnax - Our redesign helped usher in this successful DTC business into retail, resulting in 40% YoY Growth and massive distribution unlocks.

Fat Snax | Before & After

GoodPops - A decades-old brand leading a revolution in the natural frozen foods space, our redesign supercharged their progress resulting in 40% YoY Growth and created demand for a whole platform of product innovation.

Good Pop | Before & After

Country Archer - Already the #1 selling jerky brand in the natural space, our redesign increased their brand recall and bolstered their sales in conventional, resulting in 19% YoY Growth overall. 

Country Archer | Before & After

As an agency, our greatest success is always that of our clients. All creativity and design has a consequence - sometimes positive, sometimes negative. So when our client's businesses improve as a result of bringing consumer-led creative to the table, nothing makes us happier.

Future proof your brand.

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