Bringing Sunshine to Supplements: Reviving a Legacy Brand

Bringing Sunshine to Supplements: Reviving a Legacy Brand

How do you help a brand with a rich history find a brighter tomorrow?

This was the question we asked ourselves as we started our rebrand of Nature’s Life, a legacy supplement brand founded in 1975 in California inspired by mother nature, that had sadly lost its way.

Over the decades, the supplement industry has experienced exponential growth - in 1972 the supplements industry was worth roughly $500 million in revenue. Fast forward to 2023 and the global supplement market is estimated to be worth upwards of $50 Billion.

This tremendous growth resulted in hundreds of competitive brands fighting for valuable shelf space and share of mind online. Nature’s Life, as a result of intense competition building up, succumbed to the pressures to modernize in an attempt to keep up with the new category entrants. In turn, the brand lost its unique identity and tone of voice, and was now saddled with dated design codes that undermined the brand's quality and commitment to mother nature.  

In order to revitalize their brand while preserving their rich history, we have to redefine our positioning and align it with their commitment to quality and sustainability, including their One Tree Planted Initiative. 

Digging back into the archives, we rediscovered the brand's rebellious roots and updated it to resonate with a fresh audience while maintaining ties to our loyal customer base. By tapping into 70s culture and environmental concerns, we advocated for nature, appealing to "The Naturalist" - individuals focused on cleaner living and positive change for themselves and the planet. 

“Sun to Soil to Supplement,” “From the Ground Up,” “Radical Wellness” and “Carefully Crafted From Nature’s Best” were all born out of our sunny new strategy. We then embraced Nature's Life's 70s West Coast vibe and timeless values with an iconic sun logo with a woodgrain texture and an authentic serif logomark. The refreshed color palette, including Sunshine (Yellow) and Sky (Blue), maintains brand identity while offering flexibility for flavor-specific products.

Our redesign seamlessly combined nostalgia and modernity, embodying Nature's Life's enduring grooviness, and differentiating it against a backdrop of older heritage brands (Nature Made, Nature’s Bounty, Now) and giving it relevance among the new waves of supplements (Olly, Lemme, Seed, Thorne, Hum).

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