Welcome To The World Of Elder Flower

Welcome To The World Of Elder Flower

Elder Flower is a new-to-world family of products that are devoted to the practices and preservation of natural beauty and vitality. Many skin care products, especially those containing retinol, can be deemed unsafe for those who are pregnant and breastfeeding. Elder Flower will be with you throughout your reproductive journey from fertility efforts to breastfeeding. Our product harnesses the power of functional mushrooms as a safe alternative to harmful skincare ingredients. It can also be effective for those with sensitive skin or hormonal imbalances. The collection of products are crafted to protect and nourish your skin from morning to night. They can be used separately, but solicit the best results when collaborating together as a daily routine.

Elderflower was a brand incubated internally at Interact through collaboration with a partner of the studio. We handled this product development from formulation, sourcing of product and strategy, brand world, packaging and production, as well as the creation of various marketing materials. Creating and elevating a brand inside a design studio, where your clients are each other, leads to some fun challenges. Our team is so personally invested in this brand that it led to a few additional rounds of feedback and conversations during our free time.

We had the challenge of educating members on the unique benefits of our ingredients. While mushrooms are ancient healers, their benefits are not as popularized in western practices. They were the active ingredient that supplied a pregnancy glow and made it safe for mothers to use. We needed to balance that education with a brand and packaging system that was still recognizable and relatable to our consumers.

We started just like the mushrooms that make our product different, from the ground up. Our strategy uncovered the insight that nature knows best and that we flourish when nature does. Understanding our consumer base of soon-to-be and new mothers, the price point of our product, and the culture of the skincare market were all very important in developing products that felt luxurious and essential. This left us with an interesting tension for our design exploration.

The goal of the brand development was to create a visual identity that showcased the unique attributes of the products while looking as beautiful as nature herself.

At every stage, our goal was to reinforce how these products would make you look and feel after using them. 

We took our rich and beautiful hues from the natural world. The dark rich greens of leafy fauna, earthy browns from soil and mushrooms, blues of deep water. The cream color came from the unexpected and bright underside of mushrooms. Providing the perfect balancing brand color to our darker more moody colors.

Our typography choice was based around the need for a headline case that felt feminine and strong. Natural and physical. Ethereal and grounded. Goldenbook seemed to be the perfect encapsulation of these things. We decided to combine our primary headline type with our secondary type, Roc Grotesk, a more efficacious and scientific sans serif. A nod to the functionality of our ingredients. The type system created a holistic and balanced look and feel for the brand.

Creating a design that is ownable and simplistic can sometimes be the toughest challenge. Every piece of design that goes on pack must be considered. Making sure consistency and care is taken across every touchpoint of the brand. 

We are excited to introduce Elder Flower to the world. You can now shop our first collection of products on shopelderflower.com. Follow us on our instagram to stay up to date with the brand @shopelderflower.

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