The Importance of Package Design

The Importance of Package Design

Did you know how much good packaging can drive sales and build customer loyalty?

In a recent study, Affinnova found that 36% of customers selected their purchase based on package design, which accounts for a larger share than traditional marketing strategies such as television ads and endorsements.64% of consumers try a new product because of the package design. That makes good packaging a secret weapon for emerging brands, and a cannot-miss for established brands looking to safeguard their market share.41% of consumers purchase a product again because of packaging. This is proof that package design isn’t a gimmick that drives one-time sales, but a powerful tool for encouraging brand loyalty.

Grocery brands need to pay attention to package design.

Consumer perceptions of brands can change based on a competitor’s package design changing, so it’s important to keep monitoring shelf changes.


Affinnova documents the effect a central image on a package can have for brand success. In its evaluation of energy drinks, brands such as Red Bull and Monster, which have a recognizable central image, fared better than brands such as Coke’s NOS. Coke poured a staggering amount of money into NOS marketing, but its sales results and consumer appeal have lagged behind other energy drinks.


Affinnova found that in the flavored sparkling water market, Sparkling ICE has appealed to consumers as being a healthy alternative to carbonated soft drinks. Sparkling ICE’s label has a “zero calories” strip next to its advertised benefit, being enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. Consumers seem eager to switch to products with clear health benefits.In the market for water enhancers, Affinnova noted MiO’s failure at package design, reporting that the field was open for emerging brands such as Kool-Aid and Minute Maid’s water enhancers. Because MiO failed to appeal to consumers in any of Affinnova’s brand characteristics, it will be interesting to see whether Minute Maid or Kool-Aid will soon enjoy market success.An effective package design is the most cost effective way for an emerging or small to medium food and beverage grocery brand to compete and stay relevant.


Interact is a design firm that works exclusively with grocery brands.What makes us different is that we study consumer culture, design trends, industry innovation and many other dynamics that shape opportunities for your brand in order to create iconic work that’s designed to sell in a retail environment.We also develop trade show booths, sales materials and other tools that help you sell into the trade.If you think you could benefit from partnering with a young, energetic bunch like us, you know what to do. Contact us!By Blake Mitchell

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