Stance on AI

Stance on AI

AI has pushed its way onto the scene to disrupt industries and have us all questioning what this means for the future. Its arrival is a tipping point, where nothing will ever be quite the same as it was. At Interact, we embrace change of all kinds, it keeps us rooted in the future and open-minded for what’s next - never stuck in our ways. 

With that, we made an investment in not only new tools, but a dedicated AI specialist and AI Committee to embark on a journey of testing, tinkering, trialing, and fact-finding. This task force’s modus operandi is not only to lead the charge in testing tools, determining how they redefine our process but also to remain hyper-aware of the potential risks and the constantly evolving legal landscape surrounding AI technology. This fed into the foundation of Interact’s AI Principles:

Embracing the Interplay

While AI-powered shortcuts exist, we believe that something magical can happen when human ingenuity meets algorithmic precision. It's about empowering our human strengths – creativity, empathy, strategic thinking – by thinking in new ways and freeing us from the mundane & time-intensive aspects of our roles.

AI-Generated Work Is Never Our Final Deliverable

Anything generated by AI, will never be what is handed over to our clients as an end-product, it will serve as an aid to better articulate our authentic and original creative intent.

Leaning into Serendipity

AI can also act as an unexpected muse that connects unexpected connections, sparks ideas from seemingly disparate data points, and fosters cross-pollination of expertise.

Transparency Matters

Being clear & transparent about how and when we use AI is our golden rule. We're not hiding behind the tech curtain; we're pulling it back to show you what happens with this tool in tow. NOTE: all voices in our video have been created with AI.

Watch our video made by AI linked here:

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