Drinks that Dominated Dry January 2021

Drinks that Dominated Dry January 2021

After overindulging over the holidays, it’s popular to abstain from alcohol during the month of January. This along with the growing “sober curious” movement have driven a demand for low-to-zero-proof libations. Cheers to our favorite booze-free bevs this year.

All Buzz, No Booze

If you miss the physical effects of alcohol, alternative ingredients can offer a little boost – sans hangover. CBD, adaptogens and nootropics have the power to affect your mood, promoting focus, energy or a calming effect.

Sun Chaser

Sun ChaserThis mocktail promises a light mood lift, thanks to a mix of l-theanine, gaba, cordyceps and 5-HTP.


Hop WtrA crisp, hop flavored sparkling water that offers stress relief with adaptogens and nootropics instead of booze.

Day DreamThis Canadian sparkling water aims to reduce stress and increase focus with a unique blend of adaptogens and hemp extracts.

Verywell Sparkling CBD Water

Very WellAlcohol beverage giant Molson Coors continues to expand into non-alcoholic space with Verywell sparkling water. This canned sparkling water is infused with CBD and adaptogens.

Mad Tasty Sparkling Water

Mad TastyThe hemp derived sparkling water that promises “a unique mixture of clarity and calm without the high.”

Kin Euphorics

KinKin Euphorics offer ready to drink mocktails and herbal spirit alternatives, loaded with adaptogens, nootropics and botanics for uplifting the mood and calming the mind.

Zero Proof Bevs

Going alcohol-free doesn’t mean the end of happy hour. Enter the plethora of low to no ABV beers and spirits. Enjoy brews and spirits free of booze without sacrificing flavor.

Bravus Brewing

Bravus Brewing CompanyThis entirely alcohol-free brewery offers a wide selection of craft beers, all with <0.5% ABV.


GruviGruvi’s mission is to “help others be healthy and stay social” with tasty, non-alcoholic brews.

Three Spirit

Three SpiritTouted as a “functional & healthier booze alternative”, Three Spirit uses plants to induce mood boosting effects.

Good Old Fashioned Seltzers

Sparkling waters and seltzers are the OG of sober drinks. Fizzy and hydrating, these drinks are good any time – but can satisfy during that end-of-day social hour.


LimitlessGet your hydration on, with a little boost of caffeine sourced from coffee beans.

Liquid Death

Liquid DeathThirst doesn’t stand a chance against this cheeky canned mountain water, with still and sparkling options. It’s not beer, but it’s carbonated like one.

Aura Bora

Aura BoraThis herbal sparkling water can be just the lift you need for your day, with refreshing and unique flavors like Cactus Rose, Peppermint Watermelon and Lavender Cucumber.


SpindriftSpindrift is unique for its use of real fruit to flavor their sparkling water – creating a bold, slightly sweet experience.

La Croix

La CroixShout out to the classic, dependable sparkling water we all know and love.

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