Cleanli - Hand Sanitizer

Cleanli - Hand Sanitizer

We're excited to announce the launch of Interact's first brand - Cleanli! Cleanli Brings Self Care To Hand SanitizerAt the start of the pandemic, with hand sanitizer panic buying leading to empty shelves and out of stock notices online, for many people it felt like a relief to just be able to buy hand sanitizer somewhere, regardless of the brand, ingredients, or how it felt on your skin.As three friends living in various parts of the world, we noticed a common problem. The sanitizers that kept us safe weren’t practical for everyday use; they dried and hurt your hands, smelt offensive, and used harsh ingredients.We wanted to create a hand sanitizer that could help keep our friends and loved ones healthy and safe, that they’d love using all the time everyday.Cleanli Rosemary Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer brings self-care to hand hygiene, and was born from the radical notion that your hands have skin too.

Natural IngredientsCrafted with natural ingredients, Cleanli cares for your skin with essential oils from fruit and rosemary, moisturizing glycerin, organic ethyl alcohol, and Vitamin E. Made in the USA, this functional blend is rejuvenating, restorative, and packed with antioxidants. Finally, a hand sanitizer that won’t piss off your skincare routine.Uplifting FragranceTo find moments of self care while cleaning hands, Cleanli brings grounding aromas with soothing powers. Yuzu and green mandarin’s energizing citrus aromas are balanced with calming rosemary. We think it’s the best smelling hand sanitizer.

Soothing MistWe were tired of thick and goopy gels, with bottles that always seem to squeeze out too much product or not enough.Cleanli is a refreshing hand sanitizer mist, for moisturized and smooth hands with no sticky residue. Cleanli’s spray bottle will leave you with the perfect amount of hand sanitizer every time. Thoughtful PackagingIt’s clear that hand sanitizer is now a staple of our daily life, and will be for the foreseeable future. It’s the trusty product you can’t leave the house without. But who says hand sanitizer has to look boring and clinical? Cleanli uplifts from the moment you pick it up, with its frosted glass bottle and shiny holographic label. It’s travel friendly size is perfect for on the go use.

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