7 Brands from Sweets&Snacks Almond Moms Don’t Want You To Know About

7 Brands from Sweets&Snacks Almond Moms Don’t Want You To Know About

While it’s every kid's dream to walk the aisles of the annual candy and snack trade show Sweets&Snacks which houses 1,000 exhibitors giving out crave worthy samples, lurking in the shadows are the Almond Moms waiting to steal every last piece of joy and throw it in the trash.

Almond Moms, coined by none other than the internet, are restrictive parents who obsess over their families diet and weight, and as a result don’t let any unhealthy snacks in the home. So you can imagine the fear that Sweets&Snacks struck into the hearts of these constraining parental units.

As an act of solidarity with kids all over the US yearning for sweety and salty treats, we’ve rounded up 7 snacks every kid would love and all Almond Moms would hate:

  1. Globos freeze dried candy
  2. Nomad Globally-Inspired Popcorn
  3. Amos 4d Gummy Blocks
  4. Aji Wow Thai Style Yellow Curry Potato Chips (no link yet)
  5. Mini Mooie Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
  6. Bites of Tang Rice Crisps!
  7. Crackzel Pretzel Pieces

Now Almond Moms be damned, there are a number of interesting insights we gathered from this show that we think we’ll be seeing a lot more of in the near future!

Play with your food

The most innovative product we’ve seen, which is simultaneously going viral on tiktok, is Amos’ Peelerz product. These two-part candies, which come in banana and mango, have a chewy outer area where you can literally peel away to get to the soft inner candy. Both are edible and the act of eating them is making them an instant hit. We also saw Amos’ 4D Gummy Blocks that you can literally build things with. Amos’ is creating a new ritual in the candy category and we’re here for it.

Flavors are heating up

Sriracha walked so that Tajin could run. Now it seems the entire industry is running towards heat. Mike’s Hot Honey, David’s Frank’s RedHot sunflower seeds, Andy Capp’s Fire Fries and Bites of Tang Sichuan Mala crisps were just a few of the products seen at the show. 

Collabs are in

Ever since the birth of the Marvel universe, it seems consumers are hungry for unexpected combinations. Not only does it benefit both brands, but it reinforces the fun of food which is critical to sweets and snacks. Slim Jim & WWE sponsorship, Jack’s Links & Dr.Pepper, Boomchickapop & Cinnabon, Skippy & Pearson’s, Glutino &  Swiss Miss.

Shifting from chocolate

The price of cocoa is skyrocketing, making even the most accessible of chocolate brands out of reach. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of confectioners push their non-chocolate and fruit-forward products.

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