5 Snacks With Unique Flavor Profiles to Delight Your Tastebuds

5 Snacks With Unique Flavor Profiles to Delight Your Tastebuds

We are truly living in an age of experimentation, butendless options for snacking have left the market a little stale. This is driving a consumer demand for innovative and pleasantly unexpected flavors in staple foods that we enjoy regularly. Asimple twist in ingredients is sometimesall it takesto make a meal transform from drab to divine. Here are 5 snackable foods that are adding a little excitement to our lives.

1 - The Bees Knees

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Photo Credit:Bushwick Kitche The phrase "it's the bee's knees" couldn't be any more appropriate to describe this delectable treat. While we've long seen honeys accentuated by herbal and fruit-based ingredients, adding a spicy kick opens up a whole new world of possibilities to thiscondiment.

Naka Noke & Sons


Photo Credit: Blake Mitchell These salsas are a delightful infusion of Japanese and Mexican flavors. With a texture more akin to mole (a traditional Mexican sauce), they arean excellent way to enhance your favorite dishes.

The Chaat Co


Photo Credit:thechaatco Yogurt has generallybeen designatedas a sweet breakfast treat in American cuisine, save for the odd tzatziki dip that might accompany a gyro or falafel plate. The Chaat Co elevatesyogurt as a whole new kind of snack by combiningsavory flavorswith crunchy puffed lentils. Similarly, the Chobani Flip yogurts, which have expanded into this spacewith flavors like Chipotle Pineapple and Sriracha Mango.

Lawless Jerky


Photo Credit: Lawless Jerky Jerky is a staple on-the-go snack for many.It's incredibly versatile, with the ability to bemade out ofjust about any meat, and to be enhanced by just about any flavor. Yet, it often feelsas though our options are limited to what you might find in a gas station. Lawless takes jerky to the next level with creative flavors like Pho and Japanese Curry.At Interact, we're always on the prowl for innovations in the food world. We're looking forward to see how companies will continue to fill consumer cravings to give ordinary foods a unique spin. 

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