23 AAPI Food and Beverage Brands to Support

23 AAPI Food and Beverage Brands to Support

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, so we’re celebrating some of our favorite AAPI-owned food and beverage brands that are shaking things up in the industry. From soups to sauces, coffees to seltzers and snacks to meals, these Asian and Pacific Islander inspired eats leave a lasting (and delicious) impact in the American food space.

Bachan's Japanese Barbecue Sauce

1. Bachans

This Japanese “umami–filled, teriyaki-ish” barbecue sauce is made straight from a family recipe. Using authentic Japanese ingredients and cold filled in small batches, it guarantees a fresh and flavorful experience.


2. Brightland

This elevated extra virgin olive oil and vinegar brand brings a pop of color to any at-home cooking enthusiast’s kitchen. The brand sources ingredients from family-run farms in California, ensuring the top quality oils and vinegars.

Copper Cow Coffee

3. Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow’s convenient pour over system allows you to make a perfect cup of fresh Vietnamese-style coffee, anywhere and anytime.

Country Archer

4. Country Archer

When Eugene and Susan Kang discovered a roadside butcher’s artisanal jerky, they knew they had to bring it to the masses. The meat snacks are slow cooked, slow marinated and super tasty. Made with grass-fed beef from Australia and a family-owned California farm, the brand takes pride in contributing to regenerative farming – which can help make grass-fed beef carbon-neutral or carbon-negative.


5. Dah!

Dah! puts a new spin on traditional Indian yogurts like lassi and dahi. What makes these yogurts special is the artisanal slow-culturing process, which makes for a creamy yogurt that’s rich in probiotics. The brand also offers plant-based yogurts made from almonds, oats and coconuts.

Dang Foods

6. Dang

These are refreshing plant-based snacks like you’ve never seen, with chips made from coconut strips and Thai rice. And the bonus? Keto-friendly, low sugar bars (voted best bar at Whole Foods in 2019!).

Deep Indian Kitchen

7. Deep Indian Kitchen

Small batch and made from scratch might not be what comes to mind when thinking about frozen food, but Deep Indian Kitchen shakes that up. Every purchase of these Indian meals, breads, and appetizers benefits the Deepkiran Foundation, which provides education for children in India.

Diaspora Co

8. Diaspora Co

Diaspora is committed to decolonizing the spice supply chain by working “in close partnership with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research to identify and provide ongoing support to our partner farmers, all of whom are on the cutting edge of regenerative, and sustainable agriculture.” Choose from a variety of fragrant spices, or build your own masala dabba – which includes access to a quarterly cooking club with founder Sana Javeri Kadri.

Fly by Jing

9. Fly By Jing

This American made and Sichuan inspired brand tells a deeply personal story about its founder breaking from tradition. Strikingly spicy in flavor and design, Fly by Jing keeps you coming back for more.


10. Gr8nola

When a former Olympic Trials swimmer and health nut couldn’t find a “clean” granola, she took to her kitchen to create her own. Using nutrient-dense ingredients like coconut oil, almonds and ground flaxseed, Gr8nola will leave you feeling satiated and happy.

Hodo Foods

11. Hodo

Convenience and healthy eating meet with these plant-based, ready to cook and ready to eat foods. The offerings include noodles and meat alternatives with an Asian spin, like curry nuggets and braised tofu.Branded by Interact


12. Immi

Immi captures the satisfying feeling of instant ramen, but enriches it with higher quality ingredients. The soups are not only plant based, but they offer higher protein and fiber, fewer carbs and less sodium than leading instant ramen brands.


13. Lunar

A fresh spin on hard seltzer in an increasingly crowded space, Lunar uses real fruits and ingredients from Asia, like lychee, plum and yuzu for a boozy can of Asian Americana.

Misfit Foods

14. Misfit Foods

Misfit is all about veggie-forward meat products. Their ground beef patties and sausages are made with 50% vegetables and 50% humanely-raised meat, creating a perfect balance for veggie and meat lovers alike.

Moon Man

15. Moon Man

This NYC based company makes delicious Southeast Asian desserts like Indonesian coconut pancakes and kaya (coconut) jams in flavors like Thai tea, ube and Java palm sugar. The proceeds of some jams benefit the Heart of Dinner charity, which lovingly delivers food to NYC’s elderly Asian American community.

Mother in Law's

16. Mother in Law’s

Mother in Law’s is an artisan brand offering traditional Korean fermented foods like kimchi and gochujang both across markets nationwide, while still using a handcrafted process.

Ocean's Halo

17. Ocean's Halo

Elevated ramen and noodle bowls. Nori sheets for snacking. Broths, seasonings, sauces and dressings. This brand founded by four dads explores all of the delicious possibility and sustainability of seaweed.

Omsom Foods

18. Omsom

These meal starters will fire up any pantry. All you need to create delicious Asian dishes is included, simply add your own veggies and protein – with recipes included!

One Culture Foods

19. One Culture

One Culture wants to know, Have You Eaten Yet? This line of noodle cups and sauces bring bold Asian-inspired flavors to the table for everyone.Branded by Interact

Pan's Mushroom Jerky

20. Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

This Malaysian-inspired brand uses shitake mushrooms to create a satisfying vegetarian snack. Inspired by the founder’s original family recipe, the mushroom jerky is available in four flavors.

Sach Paneer

21. Sach

Paneer is a delicious Indian staple, high in protein and healthy fats. Sach is small-batch, ethically made, artisanal paneer made by first generation Indian immigrants.


22. Sanzo

Sanzo celebrates beloved Asian flavors in a refreshing seltzer water. Fruit flavors like Lychee, Calamansi And Mango are free shine on their own, without sugar or “natural” flavors to mask them.


23. Yishi

Switch up your boring old breakfast with a unique line of oats touting added functionality, like toasted black sesame for energy and taro bubble tea for focus.

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