This was our 2nd year attending Art Basel. We go for the inspiration and because as much as we are “in” the world of food and beverage, we believe that it’s equally important to be “out of it” in order to come up with stand out ideas. When we’re brainstorming about a project, we think our creativity is at its best when we take time to do unrelated things while we brood. It’s here, in this space between our work and browsing imgur or reading the New York Times, that dots are connected and our greatest ideas emerge.
Here are some ideas we had and wanted to share with you as we walked the floors of Art Basel:
art-1 copy art-2 art-3 art-4-2
While these ideas might be out there for many clients, it’s important to remember that we live in a design forward world, as influential brands like Ikea and Target strive to make design accessible and appreciated by consumers everywhere. Our advice to you? Be ahead of the design curve, not behind it.

How to Find Inspiration from Art (Art Basel)