We’ve finally had a little bit of room to breathe, with some of our projects wrapping up and others are kicking off. Take a look at what we had the chance to find this week:

1. Oppo

“Oppo is a new ultra-premium ice cream that has a healthy indulgence proposition and they took the next in conceptual level by showing a hippo blending into a hummingbird with a tagline “Eat like a hippo, feel like a hummingbird”

– Blake


2. All Good Sauce

“All Good Sauce is packaged in a cute little, almost apothecary size bottle which makes it feel precious. While the playful typography within the brand badge speaks to personality and almost conveys a voice of its own. “

– Mollie


3. Pantone Beer Cans (Conceptual)

“Spanish Agency, Txaber, have reimagined beer packaging with their series of pantone-inspired brews labelled according to the exact colours of the delicious liquids inside the can. Great for design geeks and perfect for ale drinkers who have a darker, lighter or bang in the middle ale preference.  Another great way for a brand to interact with its consumers from an experience standpoint.”

– Kyla

Burrito 1

4. Neato Burrito (Conceptual)

“I love the conceptual design of Neato Burrito. It’s not just the desing I love, but the practicality. The design affords burrito-lovers a like to enjoy, eat, and save for later without the hassle of floppy foil.”

– Kelsey

Packaging Haul 06