Phew, we’ve almost made it to the end of the week. In celebration of the weekend, we thought we’d round up some inspiration. Take a look below to see what we’re into:

1. Pop & Bottle

“Pop & Bottle’s packaging does a great job of connecting with the brand name to drive shopper engagement by connecting the logo at the center of the bottle with the top of bottle for a memorable “pop & bottle” experience. “



2. Trident Gum Concept

“I love the idea of taking the physical product and showcasing it in a very literal but cheeky way. This gives the consumer a sense of the product (and it’s benefit) with a very ownable design that would absolutely pop off the shelf. Also, cutting out the BS and clutter shows confidence from the brand.”



3. Top Hops Beer

“I’m such a sucker for type and even more of a sucker for designs that rely solely on typography. It seems that this sort of aesthetic is difficult to achieve with a conventional product due to call-outs, nutrition facts, and the like. But, on the bright side, that makes seeing designs like this that much more special.”



4. March Pantry Salt

“As a big fan of apothecary-like bottles and jars, I love what March Pantry has done with their kosher salt packaging by adding a sleek black lacquer. The minimalist font and logo treatment makes the packaging all the better in my book. “



5. Ion Chocolate

“I’m always drawn to designers that operate with within a more minimal framework – it’s exciting to see someone arrive at a solution with the fewest moves possible.”


Packaging Haul 04