Throughout our travels and day to day we’ve been collecting images of packaging we’ve found inspiring and thought provoking. It isn’t just design that draws our attention, it’s copy, branding, and marketing as well. So, in order to put these collections to good use, we thought we would start a new series called our Packaging Haul. Each week (hopefully) we will compile the images that motive us to push our work to the next level.


1. Drams Bitters

“What I love about the Dram aesthetic is its overall simplicity. The glass, amber bottle harkens back to the days of apothecaries and the line illustrations feel a touch dark, woodsy and mysterious—which perfectly conveys the brand’s promise of ‘herbal alchemy.'”

– Bethany


2. Blue Hill Yogurt

“In a sea of white yogurt package designs, Blue Hill Yogurt takes ownership of black on shelf to stand out. Also drawing attention on shelf are the vivid pops of color to differentiate varieties along with uniquely familiar ingredient illustrations that work well with this brand’s retro style. To top it all off, their unique brand story continues under the lid with engaging story-telling.”

– Ivan


3. Doritos

“I’m digging Doritos for the latest no-nonsense packaging, they simply have the brand and flavor variety. What else do you need to put on your package if you are a brand such as Doritos?

Everyone knows they aren’t eating Doritos for low-calories or extra fiber. Well done Doritos.”

– Blake

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4. Caliwater Cactus Water

“There’s just something about this cute little bottle that stood out to me on shelf. The unique handwritten type and simple illustration made this beverage seem special and feel like the perfect carry along for daytime activities, especially in the sun.”
– Mollie

5. Wondermade Marshmallows

“Wondermade is the delicious marshmallow creations of Nathan and Jenn Clark. Once a lowly etsy store, Wondermade has made a jump to the big leagues with it’s own domain, full fledged shop, a blog, and beautiful packaging. Owners Nathan and Jenn collaborated with Heads of State for the design and Studio on Fire for the letterpressing to create these highly impressive boxes. They recently launched this promotional video for the perfect s’more. It’s adorable to see the whole family working together in this Wes Anderson-y style sendup to the delightful campfire treat. ”
– Kat
Stay tuned for our next haul!
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