We have some lovely new additions to our team who have a grocery obsession just like the rest of us. This week we welcome our new Creative Director, Fred Hart, and Office Administrator, Danielle Gunter. Check out what we’re all geeking out on this week:
food packaging design ideas

1. Black Wolf Brewery

“In addition to the mischevious and playful wolf icon I like how this label breaks category norms for beer through color and illustration. A flexible identity and design system affords consistency in character and illustration style.”

-Fred Hart
Agency: Tayburn
Illustrator: Alex G Griffiths

2. Gran Luchito

“Gran Luchito packaging caught my eye after an amazing redesign transformed bits and pieces of the existing brand into a personality-filled label. The mix of typefaces and simple authentic color schemes make the most of the limited real estate for this miniature line of chili condiments.”
-Mollie Starr
Agency: Midday


3. Quin Candy

“Quin Candy is packaged in unique back foiled bags with transparent front panels that allow the consumer to see before eating. Their logo is made up of clean, concise lines that lend to an updated but approachable feel. Quin is a “reimagined, updated, modernized take on candy from the past that has the uncanny ability to tug at the heartstrings of yesterday.”
-Danielle Gunter
Designer: Thomas Nevarez
ramen_kels copy_cropped2 ramen_kels copy_cropped1

4. Maruchan Ramen (concept)

“Maybe I’m just struggling to leave the college days behind but I love this ramen packaging. It’s clean, simple, modern, and leaves behind the stagnant and cheesy aesthetics of the real ramen pack. Although it’s concept work, I would recommend Maruchen think about a redesign that’s more in line with this minimalist design to appear more premium.”
-Kelsey DaHarb

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